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Welcome to ~ Aloha Orr religious guest rooms

Vacation units for the Orthodox community.

Or Haganuz is a religious community committed to the idea "love thy neighbor as thyself".

The village is located in the eastern part of the Upper Galilee, 6 km northeastern of Tzfat, in the foothills of Meron Mountain. It is situated in natural forest scenery, near the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. The name of the village is derived from the language of the Kabbalah, literately meaning The Hidden Light. This refers to the light of creation which was subsequently hidden.

The community was stablished in 1989 by a group of Ba'alei teshuva who combine their Kabbalistic studies with work for the community. The village hosts guest houses, a gathering hall, "Elima" college of Chinese medicine & treatment, a midrasha for women, tours to holy graves, and glatt kosher catering. It is located in the beautiful scenery of the upper Galilee with breathtaking landscapes, streams, & the finest wineries. This is a truly ancient area; sacred land where our ancestors lived.

Bar Yochai settlement

Bar Yochai was established in 1977 by the village union which was aiming to populate the land with educated citizens to work for the local municipality, but with the years most of the founders left. Today there are 75 families, 380 residents, who in the field of education, freelance, and the arts. The young generation studies in local school in the area, focusing on the religious and ethical way. The higher education is for the most part live-in Ulpanot and Yeshivas. The village is communal and is open for receiving newcomers.

Meron settlement

Established in 1949 by the news immigrants from Hungary. Named after the ancient Meron Mountain, which served as a central area in the times of the Mishna & Talmud. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai lived in Meron and was buried there along with his son Rabbi Elazar. The village is home to 105 families (500 people), who make their living through farming, tourism, education, etc The B'nei Akiva Ulpana & Yeshiva is located within the village. During the Lag B'omer gathering thousands of believers come to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's grave to honor his memory.
Other righteous men lived in this area including Rabbi Yochanan Hasandlar, Rabbi Itzhak Nafcha, and Hillel & Shamai the scholars.
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