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Interesting sites in the area:
Meron: After the Temple was destroyed, some priestly families settled in Meron, among them the Yehoyariv family, which had served in the Temple.
In addition to housing remains from the time of the Mishna, Meron is well known among believers as a powerful place for meditation and prayer.
Due to the importance of the area and the holy graves in contains, Meron had already become a holy site in medieval times.
Thousands of believers walk up to the mountain during Lag Ba'omer, and celebrate all night by the graves, eating and rejoicing, and spreading light all over the Galilee.
7 Adar, the date Moshe Rabbenu died is still an occasion for many pilgrims to come to Meron, and so is 25 Elul, the yartzeit of Rabbi Elazar, the son of Rabbi Shimon. The grounds are located within the lofty mountains, shaded by the holy city of Tzfat, establishing a center for spiritual life in Israel. Some believe that it is Meron which shades the mountains, and hides Tzfat within her. And indeed in earlier times Meron influenced Tzfat, Tiberius, and on the whole Galilee area, casting with mystery the Galilee hills and its inhabitants. The caves in the mountains, ruins, and graves, give the feeling of the ancient time.

Holy places to visit include: Hillel and Shamai's cave, RASHBI & his son's grave, Rabbi Yochanan Hasandlar's grave, Rabbi Itzhak Nafcha's grave, and the Idra.

The pilgrims in the medieval times visited other sits too: Rabbi Moshe Basula reminds us that he prayed near the graves of Rabbi Tarfon & Yossie ben Casma. Rabbi Simcha Mizeloshitz writes in his travel memories, that he saw Rabbi Yabba Seba, from the secret people, the grave of Rabbi Itzhak, and Eliyahu's chair. Other holy sites include the cave of the Cohanim, Rabbi Adda Seba, Rabbi Himnuna, Rabbi Binyamin Bar Yoffe, and Rabbi Yehuda Bar Batira & Rabbi Yossef Chatufa.

Nature Resorts to explore in the area:

Nachal Amud, From Nachal Meron to Upper Nachal Amud. Meron Mountain Top, Pisga lane, Gush Chalav and Nahal Gush Chalav, Nahal Aviv, & Nahal Dishon, Nahal Kziv, The Montforst fortress and stream. Nahal Betzet - The Northernmost stream in the Galilee, Yechiam fortress and Nahal Yechiam and many more spectacular sites.

In the summer months the air is crisp and clear, with sunrays across the hills. And in the wintertime snow cover the land with pure clear whiteness. The winter months are especially recommended.

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